Human Grade Dog Food

What constitutes human grade dog food? In order to understand what this is, we first must understand what is human grade food anyways. It is essential established by the United States Department of agriculture food safety and inspection service.

The Codex Alimentarius operates within the United Nations food and agriculture organization and the World Health Organization to establish international food standards to protect the health of people.

Codex Standards

There are a number of official standards published on everything like fresh fungus, canned humus, fermented soybean paste, canned salmon, etc.

For example the Codex standards for chopped meat states that no piece shall be bigger than 15 mm in any one dimension and how much of the composition is nitric oxide, flavors and acidity regulators

A diffuse know of any companies that have food dog for grade

If you know of any companies that have human grade dog food standards that are not included in the list below please contact me so I can add them.

Human Grade Dog Food Companies


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