Super Premium Dog Food

5 Things That Determine What Super Premium Dog Food Is

Many people claim that they sell Super Premium Dog Food. Just a few Internet searches will reveal many products or companies that advertise their products as Super Premium dog food, like Nutro, Eagle Pack Dog Foods, Flint River Dog Food, Nutri Source Pet Foods, and Bil-Jac Dog Food.

Some companies even go beyond just advertising and actually name their products as super premium.

What Makes Super Premium Dog Food?

Obviously it takes more than just putting the label on the package to make a great dog food. Here are five things to help you to decide whether the dog food you are about to buy is truly Super Premium or not.

1. Quality Ingredients

This is obviously first on the list, because even if the product exceeds the last four items on the list it still falls short of calling itself great. Beware of products who claim that they are organic, raw, or natural, as these are just advertising terms, and rarely affect the actual quality of the ingredients. Poor quality beef can still be called organic, raw and natural, so watch out.

2. Customer Education

A company should do more then just sell products, it should also take the time to educate pet owners through an informative website, packaging, or mailers.

3. No or Few Recalls

Obviously a true Super Premium Dog Food should never have a recall associated with its name. With the number of dog food recalls over the years this is harder and harder to do.

4. Quality Packaging

Rather then just a plain paper bag, I would expect a foil pouch, or some sort of lined container. Making a quality product is just one part of the equation; it has to arrive at the consumers house in a well preserved form.

5. Palatability

Obviously a Super Premium Dog Food should be very palatable, if not the most desired food your dog has ever eaten, otherwise it would not be worth the price.

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