Royal Canin Dog Food

7 New Royal Canin Dog Food Varieties

Dog food has moved a long way ahead, from being life-sustaining to life-enhancing, and Royal Canin dog food has been in the forefront all the while to make this happen.

Dog food does not mean table scraps or left-over food anymore. We feed our dogs based on their breeds, size, age group and nutritional requirements to remain healthy.

Dog Food that is Perfectly Formulated

The nutrition specialists believe that dog food should provide the required amount of calories, coupled with all conditions required to maintain good metabolic and digestive systems, the right level of immunity and a long life.

Royal Canin dog food consists of all nutrients required to present a good life to your carnivore. The adequate amounts of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fat content in it lead to proper development and maintenance of your dog's body.

The fats and carbohydrates provided by this brand of dog food are of very good quality and are helpful to provide enough energy that your dog requires for its activities.

Added Vitamins, Minerals, and Antioxidants

Dogs are prone to developing parasitical infections that may sometimes lead to even renal failure. The antioxidants present in this dog food help to prevent any sort of damage to the kidneys and also help to digest the food faster.

They have special nutrients in them that act as anti-aging factors. Some of the ingredients present in this dog food are powerful enough to act as medicines, helping the dog to recover from some ailments.

This means that Royal Canin dog foods place a lot of importance on nutrients also, and not just the ingredients.

After the right amounts of nutrients for each breed and age group is decided, they identify the ingredients that serve as best available sources to obtain these nutrients.

Let's look at some of the products that Royal Canin dog food brand has brought into the market:

1. Mini Dachshund 28

- This is specially suited for Dachshund, an unusual breed that has special nutritional requirements.

2. Mini Yorkshire 28

- This is formulated for the Yorkshire terrier that does not have undercoat, taking into account its susceptibility to extreme temperatures and pollution.

3. MAXI Aging Care 26

- large breed dogs have special nutrition requirement s to maintain healthy cartilage and to help in good digestion. The glucosamine hydrochloride and vitamins A and C present in this variety dog food helps to build a good digestive system in the dogs.

4. MINI Toy Indoor Adult 25

- providing special nutrition for small breed Toy dogs.

5. MEDIUM Bulldog 24

- Providing the adequate nutrition suitable to the well built, quiet and affectionate bulldog that has a sensitive digestive system and a jaw formation that requires attention.

6. MAXI Babydog 30

- Formulated to best help puppies in their development into adults.

7. MINI Poodle 30

- Taking care of special nutritional requirements of poodles to maintain a good coat.

Royal Canin Dog Food - Dachshund 28 Royal Canin Dog Food - Yorkshire Terrier 28

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