Blue Buffalo Dog Food

The Ingredients in Blue Buffalo Dog Food

Blue buffalo dog food is something that any dog owner trusts by name and purchases. When considering the dog food you ought to buy, you will definitely look for something that is healthy, provides good nutritional value, is tasty and includes variety.

Then, your search ends with this. Moreover, this is a brand that has been often backed by pet nutrition specialists also back completely.

The mindset of the manufacturers is very clear when they say that if the food is not healthy enough for you to eat, it is not healthy for your dogs also.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Varieties

This approach of the manufacturers is evident in the choice of ingredients and processing methods followed in blue buffalo dog food varieties.

Most of the commercial food brands that we see these days include animal by-products as one of the major ingredients.

But, Blue Buffalo pet food is an exception here. By-products are generally hard to digest, because they are the leftovers and bones after the edible meat is removed.

These are cheap sources of protein, but they may not be successful in covering the complete protein requirements of a dog through these.

So, the various formulations from Blue Buffalo always make use of real meat.

Real Meat, Fruit, and Veggies

Apart from real meat, it also includes a variety of fruits and veggies. These form a good source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibers that your dog will require for a healthy and long life.

This will also ensure that the dog receives a balanced, high-nutrition diet.

Most of the commercial dog foods available today contain gluten as a chief ingredient. Corn, wheat or soy may be used as fillers in most brands.

Blue Buffalo pet foods substitute these cheap sources of protein with complex carbohydrates available in grains. This will also help to prevent food allergy in your dog.

Chemical Free Dog Food

Moreover, there is no artificial flavor or enzyme added during the preparation process. Chemical preservatives are also not added to dog foods.

Though preservatives will ensure a longer shelf life, they may pose certain health hazards also for your dog.

At Blue Buffalo, cold processing is the technology used to process nutritional additives. So, the nutritional value of the ingredients are not lost during the preparation process.

Blue Buffalo pet foods are available for puppies, adults and seniors. The various varieties available are larger protein food bites and smaller bits containing antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.

There are canned varieties also available. There are several flavors also present for you to choose from.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food - Blue Wilderness Blue Buffalo Dog Food - Large Breed Chicken and Brown Rice

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