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Reviews on Robert Abady Dog & Cat Food Company

Abady dog food is made in Poughkeepsie, New York. The Robert Abady Dog & Cat Food Company has been in business for over 30 years.

I wanted to write up a quick review about this company just so people are aware of some of their false claims that they're making.

Over the years Abady seems to have established almost a cult like following of dog owners who love their products and hated the "Veterinary Establishment." Abady Dog Food

And just like any small pet food company, the main selling points the company pushes it is that the big bad dog food companies are killing your dogs because of some big conspiracy.

While this may seem silly, there are some very adamant proponents of Abady dog food and they claim it works wonders for their dogs.

While there are no scientific dog food feeding trials mentioned they do claim that a Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation claims that it eliminated hip dysplasia in all dogs under the foundation's care by feeding this food.

There are also testimonials on the website too. So ultimately it's up to you to decide whether you choose to feed this dog food or not.

Abady Dog Food Formulas

Abady Maintenance / Stress & Growth Formula for Toys

Maintenance & Stress Formula for Adult Dogs

Abady Classic Formula for Maintenance & Stress

Abady State of the Art Formula for Growing Puppies of the Larger Breeds

Abady State of the Art Formula for Growing Puppies of Giant Breeds

Abady Raw Diets for Dogs and Cats

Abady Dog Food Reviews

Like any dog food company, if you search on the internet you will find people who really like this dog food and think it is excellent, and then you will find other who don't think very highly of it.

Ultimately it is up to your dog to see if they like it or not. I guess the companies main strength is in making food for large breed dogs.

Abady False Claims

On their website you'll see that they directly say that "canine hip dysplasia can be prevented through the judicious feeding about Abady products" they also claim that hip dysplasia can not be genetic in origin. Abady Toy Dog Food

I guess the Abady company chooses to ignore the scientific studies have proven otherwise.

He further going to demonize the industry dominating pet food manufacturers, government regulatory agencies, and the dreaded veterinary establishment.


If their dog food is so great, why do they have to make false claims and feed off of people's insecurities about the big pet food companies all those horrible money grabbing veterinarians? Why not let the dog food speak for itself?

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