Alpo Dog Food

Its Popular But Is Alpo Dog Food Good?

Alpo dog food has been a hit among various dog owners for several years now. We consider dogs to be our best mates.

This is the reason why dog owners select the finest dog food available. Alpo dog food is available in several varieties or flavors that dog owners can choose from.

Most of these varieties have been happily received by the dogs.

Alpo Pet Food Products

Dry dog food is available in three varieties; the first among them is the Primary Cuts Savory Beef Flavor, which has a strong beef flavor, readily received by the dogs.

The second type is the Gravy Wet or dry food. This variety of dry dog food can be also served as gravy if so required. You can prepare the gravy by mixing the dry food with water. The resultant broth is something that any dog would love to eat.

The third variety of dry dog food is known as Come and Get It. Providing mixed flavors of chicken, beef, cheese and liver, this variety is also sure to be accepted by any dog.

Alpo Canned Dog Food Varieties

Apart from being available as dry food, you can obtain canned varieties of Alpo dog food for your dogs. The canned variety can be classified into those with or without gravy.

In the gravy type, there are three varieties available; Prime Slices, Prime Cuts and Prime Entrees. Dog owners can select from poultry, beef, and turkey flavors in these gravy varieties.

These four different flavors will definitely help to break the monotony in your dog's diet. The canned dog food in the form of gravies is available in cans of 13.2 or 22 ounce capacities, much to your convenience.

As mentioned, canned Alpo dog food comes in gravy-less varieties also. Chop House Originals which is available in meat or poultry styles, Diced Cuts available with minced beef flavor and Hearty Classics that comes in loaves of beef, poultry, liver or bacon, are the three types of dog food available in this category.

Alpo Dog Snacks

Above all, the manufacturers' promise that the meaty flavor that each of these varieties provides, can easily satisfy even the pickiest eaters among dogs.

If you do not want to go in for the full-meal options, Alpo dog foods provide other alternatives also. There are tasty snacks available, that you can pamper your dog with.

These snacks are not of junk-food nature and have a high nutritional value. You can use them to give your dogs a special treat as a part of a training regime or when they deserve a special lovely treat. Alpo Dog Food Canned - Prime Cuts in Gravy

Alpo Dog Food Dry - Come'n Get It

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