Dog Food Secrets Review

Reviewer: Luke Blaise
Website Reviewed: Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis

I have no doubt that anyone who purchases Dog Food Secrets by Andrew Lewis will not only be shocked but also much more well informed about the whole dog food industry.

Andrew does a great job of detailing many facts about dog food that many people don't know, and have likely never even thought about.

When I purchased the book, I was pleasantly surprised by how much material there is. You not only get the Dog Food Secrets book, but you also get a large number of other free bonuses that easily makes it worth the cost.

In fact I figure that because my dog will be healthier becuase of it, I will easily save money on veterinary bills.

Since I purchased the book, I have see there are some imitators who have come out with similar books trying to copy Andrew Lewis' success with Dog Food Secrets, but I doubt they even scratch the surface.

Andrew gives you literally hundreds of pages of facts, tips, and ingredients, all designed to help your dog live longer, years longer.

The one bonus I like the best was the 9 Best Dog Food Brands. He could sell this by itself, but he gives it away as a free bonus, which is awesome.

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I found out that the dog food brand I was currently feeding was not even close to being good for my dog. So I switched brands on his recommendation and now my dog appears healthy, and the coat is much shinier.

Here is a rundown of what you get with Dog Food Secrets:

*Dog Food Secrets

*Canine Diet Changeover Guide

*23 Doggy Treats Recipe Book

*180 Dog Food Recipe Cookbook

*The Confidential Dog Food Report (my favorite)

*Homemade Canine Supplements

*Pack Your Puppy With Power

*Recipes for Dogs With Special Needs

*Homemade All-natural Remedies For The Unwell Wolf

*Homemade All-natural Soaps & Shampoos for the Dirty Dog

I even sent Andrew a success story abut my dog and some before and after pictures. They don't appear on this site yet, but I enjoy reading all of the other success stories.

My advice, is that if you are even remotely interested in learning about dog food and how the public is being deceived then this is the site for you.

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