Hill's Science Diet Pet Food

Hill's Science Diet pet food makes a wide range of food for dogs and cats and has been around since 1939.

Hill's products are divided into two brands, Hill's Science Diet and Hill's Prescription Diet.

This company was founded by a veterinarian and was founded in 1939 by Dr. Mark L. Morris Sr. who believed that certain diseases in pets could be managed through formulated nutrition.

This thought that food could be used to prevent and treat certain diseases was revolutionary at that time. So its ironic that many small companies like Abady Pet foods rag on larger companies like Hill's who had this philosophy decades before they even started their own company.

Science Diet pet foods have 49 products available for dogs. This ranges from canned and dry dog food under the Science Diet brand, two Nature's Best brand, to Simple Essentials which are treats.

Under the Science Diet pet foods brand for cats there are 43 products ranging from dry and canned food to Culinary Creations and Nature's Best.

Under the Prescription Diet plan there are 41 dog diets to help treat a wide range of medical problems like allergies, skin problems, heart problems, kidney problems, and weight problems.

Under the Prescription Diet for cats there are 32 products. These also are designed to treat a wide range of problems in cats like skin conditions, kidney problems, and weight problems.

As you can see Hill's Science Diet pet food has a wide range of products for dogs and cats. Most of these products you can find in Wal-mart or in grocery stores. However Prescription diets need to be gotten through your veterinarian only.

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