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Learn About Raw Dog Food Basics First!

Concerning the raw dog food diet, there is the old saying that you should never feed your pet 'people food.' This is only partly true.

Before dogs became the little domesticated best friends that we know and love today, their diet was based on eating raw meats.

The dog has evolved to eat this diet regularly and it's digestive system is designed for this particular food intake.

When you feed your dog store-bought dog food, you are feeding them fillers, artificial ingredients and preservatives and a host of other unknowns.

When you start your dog on a raw pet food diet, you know exactly what they are eating. This article is going to teach you the basics of starting your dog on a raw food diet.

Raw Means Raw, Not Partially Cooked!

The first thing to know about the raw pet food diet is that you cannot cook the meat. Cooked meat is unhealthy for your dog and it will not get the raw protein and nutrients that is present in uncooked meat.

Dog's digestive systems are designed to eat raw meat. Those who have used the raw dog food diet have noticed that their dogs grow a thicker and shinier coat, more muscle and they are generally more active.

Begin by feeding your dog uncooked, raw chicken for about a week. The next week, feed them raw fish. Then try feeding them raw beef.

This way, you can see if your dog is allergic to a particular protein and you will be able to feed them meats that are rich in a particular nutrient.

What Raw Meat Do I Feed My Dog?

An important part of the raw dog food diet is to switch from different meats so they will receive the maximum amount of proteins and nutrients.

Raw bones will not splinter, as many people think. Bones will splinter if cooked, this is because the heat has weakened them. Your dog can chew on an uncooked bone in order to keep their teeth strong and clean.

It is also important to remember that unlike people, dogs are immune to the bacteria that are associated with uncooked meat. Dogs have been eating raw meat for thousands of years and their digestive system is not affected by the same bacteria that would otherwise kill a person.

Now, a person should be careful when handling raw meat, however your dog will be perfectly fine.

Tainted Dog Food

The raw pet food diet is growing in popularity, especially after the tainted dog food scare that occurred a few years back.

This diet has been proven to help dogs live a healthy life. So visit your local butcher or farmer to see what kind of raw meats you can buy for your dog.

The key to the raw dog food diet is to not cook the meat and to exercise caution when handling the meat. While the dog may be immune to the bacteria on the meat, people are not.

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