Low Protein Dog Food

Is Low Protein Dog Food Required for Your Dog?

Has your dog been prescribed low protein dog food? Read on to understand why low protein food is essential for some dogs, and where you will be able to find some.

Like most other commercial varieties and brands, low protein dog food is also available in dry and canned forms.

As the name indicates, the protein content in this is much lesser than that in normal varieties of dog food.

Why Veterinarians Prescribe It

Veterinarians prescribe this variety for some dogs with acute health problems. These dog foods are available only on prescription; mainly because normal dogs require much more proteins than the quantity contained in it.

Low protein dog food is recommended for some dogs because of serious ailments that the dog may possess, and not because the dog has started to age.

Some of the ailments calling for a low protein diet are acute kidney failure, chronic kidney failure, congenital kidney problems, genetic kidney issues, Glomerulonephritis, kidney failure due to diseases caused by parasites, congestive heart failure and tendency to form urine stones. Click here to learn more about liver disease in dogs or kidney failure in dogs.

Easier On Dog's Liver and Kidneys

When proteins are digested, a lot of toxins are produced and if these toxins are not shed out from the body, it might lead to toxic level building alarmingly in the dog's body. The only way to curb this is by limiting the protein intake of the dog.

Even if you are administering dog food that is low in protein levels, you need to ensure that it is of good quality, especially when the dog is facing a problem with its kidneys.

The food should contain low amounts of minerals like phosphorous. This is because the dog's body might have a tendency to retain the phosphorous, causing an imbalance between calcium and potassium present in the body.

Similarly, the low protein contained in this food should be easily available, making it easy for the dog to utilize it.Similarly, look for low or no chemical preservatives in such dog foods.

Dogs May Not Like The Taste

This is because chemical preservatives can also cause the toxicity of the dog's body to build up, thus causing trouble to the kidney and liver of the dog.

This dog food should also have a high content of vitamin D3. There are several brands of dog foods that have made low protein varieties available in the market. Purina Veterinary Diet is one of the popular brands among these.

Another problem with such diets is that the dogs generally do not relish them. This may be because the food appears flavor-less when it has a low amount of protein in it. This can make it really difficult, if your dog is a picky eater.

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