Dog Food Comparisons

When doing dog food comparisons here are seven things that you should think about.

1. Company Reputation

There are many companies that make dog food today, there might even be well over 50. However not all of these people make a high-quality or reputable product. It's always best to buy from a company that you know and that you have confidence in.

2. Primary Meat Ingredient

For all normal and healthy dogs the primary ingredient in dog food should be some type of meat. If you look on the ingredient label the first ingredient listed should be some type of meat.

3. Primary Carbohydrate Ingredient

Corn is often the primary carbohydrate used in pet food because it is very cheap and easily available. However brown rice is probably the best carbohydrate to use since it is most easily digestible by dogs.

4. Customer Reviews

You can find customer reviews on this website or on other dog food review websites on the Internet. While you should take customer reviews with a grain of salt, if you see a large bunch of them negative or positive that can help you decide.

5. Number of Dog Food Recalls

If company has been involved in a large number of dog food recalls, then you have to question their quality control practices. Also this might indicate that a large amount of their ingredients might come from China, which is questionable.

6. AAFCO Certified

They should have performed some AAFCO dog food feeding trials. AAFCO stands for the American Association of Feed Company Organizations.

7. Taste Test

Ultimately whether or not a dog food is good comes down to your dog's taste buds. You can have the healthiest most nutritious dog food in the world, but if your dog doesn't eat it, then it is useless.

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