Good Pet Sites

World's Greatest Pet Carrier: The amazing 5 in 1 pet carrier that beats all others.

Dog DNA Test: Video that covers what the dog DNA test is, how it works, and if it is right for your dog.

Shih Tzu Dogs
Entirely Shih Tzu is a website devoted exclusively to Shih Tzu dogs. Get information on Shih Tzu grooming, Shih Tzu rescue groups and much much more.

Dog Names
Visit Dog Names Place for male and female dog names, top dog names, unique dog names and much more!

Pet Names

Hundreds of the very best pet names for dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and more!

Siberian Husky Dogs: Great article on siberian husky dogs with lots of feedback from husky owners

For new dog owners, or simply if your planning on getting your first puppy or dog. Do you have what it takes to become a responsible dog owner? You will need a few things, but, here are two important things that you must have.

English Bulldog Nation A comprehensive website devoted to the English Bulldog. Information on Bulldog breeders, puppies, diet, health, training and much more.
A site dedicated to all versions of Springer Spaniels. Guides to their temperaments, how to integrate them into your family as well as advice on adoption, choosing your Springer, Healthcare, Nutrition, Grooming and training. Not to forget the image Galleries and the Springer blog.

Baby Peach: A great cat site dedicated to a cat named Peach. Contains a wonderful cat blog, pictures, and videos. - KennelSeek helps you find and book boarding kennels and catteries online for your dogs, cats and other pets. You can quickly check availability, pictures, rates, webcams, and reviews of any kennel or cattery! truly allows you to be confident that you are choosing the highest quality of care for your dog, cat or other pet.

Dog Adoption and Training Guide
Learn the "how-to" of dog adoption, choosing canine adults and puppies, choosing kennels, and breeders. Visit 162 dog breed profiles with illness issues info. Also, dog health, food. care, first aid, clicker and standard obedience training dogs and kids/seniors thoughts, AKC breed groups and a dog book and DVD section. Small Dog Breeds and. lots of pictures,

Dogs Gossip
Dogs Gossip takes a light-hearted look at dogs, their antics, amazing and funny stories with photos from dog lovers. A web site resource about dog breeds, dog names for your new puppy, dog horoscopes and much more.

Learn the best dog training methods for different dog breeds, dog separation anxiety, and free puppy training tips for potty training a puppy, all this with dog obedience training online

About-Cocker-Spaniels: At you'll find lots of practical tips and advice on how to care for your Cocker Spaniel; from his puppy days right through to adulthood.

The great site includes advice on finding and choosing your ideal puppy, new puppy care, crate and toilet training, puppy socialization, obedience training, health problems, behavioural problems and much, much more.

Calvert Ways: Our specialty is pet supplies for your cat or dog - PetSafe, Innotek, SportDog and more, Bird-X pest control for bugs, birds and animals, self defense weapons including pepper spray, stun guns and tasers, home protection from alarms to surveillance and Safe Heaters.

Tropical Rainforest Animals: Learn more about ecology and conservation of rainforests and all the amazing animals that live there.

All About Goldens: Learn all about Golden Retreivers. Tips on feeding, breeding, and grooming. Use the great information on this site to help your Golden thrive.

Chihuahua Rama: Chihuahuas are on of America's favorite dog breeds. Visit us to learn more about their behavior, training, and more. Also tips on keeping them healthy.

Cat Lovers Gifts: Cat-themed gift ideas for cat lovers and their cats.

Voice 4 Dogs: Mindful Leadership. Bring out the Best in your Dog with Mindful Leadership. No Disclaimer. Everyone can do it. Every dog responds to it.

Little Deb's Toy/Mini Australian Shepherd's, Dedicated to the Breed Toy/Mini Australian Shepherds. Bred for sound structure, great temperaments and True Aussie Type. Penn Hip Evaluation of Good or better, and CERF clearance in our breeding dogs. Great for Agility, Show, Herding, and TOP QUALITY Companion Pets. Come visit our site for Availability. Website: < > Phone: 509-922-7540 or Email: < >

Dog Life Preserver
Keep your dog safe with our line of dog life jackets. There are a variety of sizes and colors to choose from. Do not let your best friend become a statistic.

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