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Welcome to Top Dog Foods. Here we help you to try and make the best decision when it comes to choosing a quality brand of dog food to feed your dog.

When it comes to choosing a Brand you have no shortages to choose from. In fact with so many choices in top dog foods it can be hard to decide.

Dog Food Ratings

Be sure to cast YOUR vote on our dog food ratings page. Everyone has an opinion on what is the best dog food and we want to hear yours!

The results are updated several times a day so be sure to check back often and vote often. Try and get your favorite to be ranked number one.

Dog Food Companies

On the right menu you can find listing of many of the dog food companies that want to sell to you along with an overview and a listing of their offerings.

Remember that the best decider on what to feed your dog often comes down to what your dog seems to like. One brand of food might be deemed the best in the world, but if your dog won't eat it, what good is it?

Prescription Dog Food

Thanks to advances in feed formulations companies are able to offer custom diets to help with almost any medical condition your dog might have.

Diabetes, obesity, allergies, kidney, or liver problems and all be helped by feeding the right diet.

Dog Food Supplies

There are many different devices designed to make feeding your dog easier today. From bowls, dispensers, storage containers, to electronically timed dog food dispensers.

Thanks to today's technology, there is no shortage of electronic gadgets to help feed your dog.

Homemade Dog Food

We also have a section on how to make your own healthy dog food the right way with lots of recipes to choose from.

With just a few simple everyday ingredients you can join other people who have made the decision that they want to feed their dog healthy homemade food.

Dog Food Coupons

Because there is such a wide range of companies out their fighting for your business, many offer free samples and coupons to get you to try their food.

Why do they dog this? Because they think that once you and your dog try their product you'll be hooked and will buy it all the time.

Raw Dog Food

With all the talk today about the BARF diet and feeding your dog a raw diet, we included a section on your website dedicated directly to this subject.

Remember, food safety is a big issue if you are feeding your dog raw meat so safe food handling comes into play.

Top Dog Foods

We hope you find our website helpful and that you sign up for our newsletter and come back in the future.

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Abady dog food seems to have many devoted followers. People either seem to really love Abady dog food, or hate it. Like other small dog food companies, this company tries to demonize the veterinary
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BARF Dog Food Reviews- Are BARF Diets Safe For Dogs?
BARF dog food seems to be all the rage these days. Essentially itÕs feeding your dog a raw food diet. This is supposed to be closer to what wild dogs eat, and hence healthier because it does not
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Black Gold Dog Food produces several varieties of pet food designed to keep your pets healthy like Ultimate Adult, Ultimate Performance, Ultimate Pup Food, and Plantation Blend
Blue Buffalo Dog Food - Avoiding Meat By-Products And Fillers In Dog Foods
Blue Buffalo dog food is available for puppies, adults and seniors. The various varieties available are larger protein food bites and smaller bits containing antioxidants, minerals and vitamins.
California Natural Dog Food - Have You Heard of This Company Before?
California Natural Dog Food limits their ingredients to those that are actually needed to keep your dog happy, healthy and full of energy. Using only high quality sources of proteins...
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Cheap Dog Food: Before you go out to buy the cheapest, generic brand dog food that you can find, try following a few suggestions to keep your pet healthy without breaking the bank.
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Diabetic dog food can help maintain a dogs weight and even decrease the need for insulin. Here are the top 8 prescription diets for treating canine diabetes.
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Every pet owner wonders the same question: What is the difference between canned dog food and dry dog food? Many people may not realize how big a difference there are between these two products, and
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A dog food delivery service can be a very convenient way to keep your dog well fed, but there can be problems with this type of service. Here are five things you should be aware of regarding this.
Dog Food Dispenser - A Buying Guide For Dog Food Dispensers - What To Look For
The Dog Food Dispenser Normally Comes In Two Varieties: 1: Gravity Fed - This one requries no power and is usually very cheap. 2. Electronic dog food dispensers are more expensive but tend to keep
Eagle Pack Dog Food - Does 4 Decades In Business Result In Quality Dog Food?
Eagle Pack dog food provides a formulation for every dog, irrespective of the age and breed. There are special products for hyperactive and overweight dogs also. So, you should be able to find...
Flint River Dog Food - AFFCO & Human Grade Ingredients
Flint River Dog Food says they only use human grade ingredients. I guess they use free range chickens and lambs in their dog food.
Free Dog Food Samples - Ways to Get Free Dog Food Samples
Yet another way to obtain free dog food samples is to visit the websites of major dog food manufacturers.
5 Gourmet Dog Food Requirements - What Does It Take To Be Called Gourmet Dog Food
ItÕs very easy to label your dog food as gourmet dog food since there are no regulations about what can and cannot be called gourmet dog food, but here are some suggestions
Gravy Train Dog Food - Over 50 Years Old - But Is It Good For Your Dog?
Gravy Train Dog Food is available in the form of dry kibble, which forms brown colored gravy when you add warm water to it. The gravy form makes it appetizing when compared to the dry form.
High Protein Dog Food - When is it Requried?
A high protein dog food food is recommended by some breeders and even some veterinarians under certain condiions.
Hypoallergenic Dog Food - Why Did My Veterinarian Prescribe This?
Hypoallergenic dog food is prescribed for dogs with health problems due to food allergy. Food allergy is only a temporary situation. It vanishes completely after the dogÕs diet is free from..
Innova Dog Food - Why They're The First Holistic Pet Food Company
Innova dog food boasts that it is the first, true holistic pet food on the market. Innova uses all natural ingredients for the health of your pet. Their philosophy is that when dogs and cats eat whole
Large Breed Dog Food - Large breed dogs have special nutritional requirements
Large breed dogs have special nutritional requirements, more because of the rapid growth pattern that these breeds follow. These dogs often experience orthopedic difficulties that the other breeds.
Life's Abundance Dog Food - They Are Claiming They Use Natural Antioxidants?
Life's Abundance dog food has another technique used to maintain freshness is that food is manufactured only in small batches, and not in bulk. So, the LifeÕs Abundance dog food that gets shipped
Is Low Protein Dog Food Required for Your Dog? Things You Need To Know
Has your dog been prescribed low protein dog food? Read on to understand why low protein food is essential for some dogs, and where you will be able to find some.
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Have your purchased the right dog food bowl for your dog? One of the most important items you need to keep ready for your dog is the right type of dog food bowl.
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Merrick dog food is holistic. What does this mean? It means that you are getting the healthiest, most nutritionally balances dog food on the market without fillers...
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Mother Hubbard Dog Food uses only human grade ingredients that are 100% natural because this company believes that your pet deserves the very best of what life has to offer and they also...
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Natural Life dog food, why not get the very much affordable, nutritious dog food and provide all that your dog needs for its health and long life?
Ol Roy Dog Food - If Wal-Mart Guarantees Satisfaction Can It Be Bad?
I recently heard that dog biscuits from Ol Roy dog food brand are available at one dollar per two pounds. I actually find it so hard to believe that an in-store canned dog food variety could be as...
Organic Dog Foods - USDA Labeling Requirements
Organic dog foods often involuntarily follow the organic laws for humans. For humans there is the National Organic Program to ensure that products meet the organic standards set by the government.
Prairie Dog Food - There are five varieties available in the kibble type food
Prairie Dog Food is available in dry and canned form. They are Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Medley that is rich in chicken meal and brown rice, Beef Meal & Barley Medley, Lamb Meal & Oatmeal Medley
Precise Dog Food - Why You Need To Consider Precise Dog Foods
Precise Dog Food in June of 2009, received the highest award for excellence by the American Institute of Baking. Precise dog food is also presevered naturally with Vitamins E and C.
Pro Pac Dog Food - AAFCO Certified Dog Food?
Pro Pac dog food claims that they are meeting the nutrition profiles for pets that have been established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials. But How Do They Back That Up?
Pro Plan Dog Food - How Many Different Varieties of Dog Food Does Pro Plan Offer
Pro Plan Dog Food Shredded Blend is available in the following flavors: Beef & Rice, Chicken & Rice, and Natural Lamb & Rice. Pro Plan Selects, Pro Plan Shredded Blend and Pro Plan Specialized
Review of Purina Fit and Trim Brand Dog Food
Purina Fit and Trim is the latest dog food brand that has come out of Purina. This product is advertised as a great way to keep your dog fit and trim. Here is a quick overview of the product.
Purina One Dog Food - Six Signs That Reflect The Health of Your Dog?
The main or primary ingredient of Purina One dog food is real meat, fish or chicken. They have formulated a variety of foods to suit puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs.
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When you start your dog on a raw dog food diet, you know exactly what they are eating. This article is going to teach you the basics of starting your dog on a raw food diet.
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Science Diet Simple Essentials Treats for dogs come in several different varieties like: Immune Support, Light, Mobility, Oral Care, Training, Skin and Coat, and Skin and Coat Jerky
Solid Gold Dog Food - Do They Use Artificial Fillers Like Generic Dog Food?
Solid Gold Dog Food does not seem to be a generic brand that adds artificial flavors, fillers and chemicals which are difficult for your pet to digest and it could have a negative effect on health.
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Many people claim that they sell Super Premium Dog Food. Just a few Internet searches will reveal many products or companies that advertise their products as Super Premium dog food, like Nutro, Eagle
Vegan Dog Food - Can Dogs Substain On A No Meat Vegan Dog Diet?
If you are considering putting your dog on a vegan dog food diet and are wondering about the health benefits, you have to be sure that vegan dog food is just as healthy, PROTEIN, wise as a regular.
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