High Protein Dog Food

When Do I Feed High Protein Dog Food?

Most dog owners inquire the vets whether high protein dog foods are required or recommended for their dogs. All of us know that the right quantity of nourishment is required for every dog, for its health and well-being.

This means the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other elements should reach the dog's body at adequate levels.

Without this, your dog might not be in a position to lead a normal or healthy life.

Why Feed High Protein Dog Food

There are a few times when it is recommended to feed this type of diet, but over a long period of time, it can do damage to your dog kidneys.

First of all, some breeders do recommend feeding this type of diet to large breed puppies, and to show dogs.

Second, some veterinarians actually recommend it after some medical and surgical conditions.

There are certain brands of dogs that act irritable when the right quantity of nutrients does not reach its body.

Similarly, some dogs show a laid back nature when they do not receive high protein dog food that they ought to for their normal growth pattern.

Dogs Are Carnivores

Even though dogs require a much lower level of protein in their diets than cats, you should still feed your dog to be healthy.

There is no use trying to feed it with something that can only help to fill its stomach. It should receive high levels of protein and nutrients required for proper development of bones, joints and muscles.

Dog food with the correct amount of proteins also helps to improve the functional aspects of your dog's brain.

We often say "you are what you eat". This statement holds true for your dogs also. The way in which each dog behaves is highly affected or influenced by the food that it takes in. This food intake will also affect the way in which the dog behaves in the environment.

Dogs have very high nutritional needs and high protein dog foods are very essential to meet these needs. This is something that is recommended by AAFCO also.

You will need to provide meat and bone meals to your dog if it is of the active and energetic breed.

Every dog food should also include the right quantity of fiber, carbohydrates and fats. Only then will it be able to meet its nutritional requirements.

The Main Ingredients

Let us look at the main ingredients in high protein dog food. This type of dog food should contain whole grains like wheat, poultry digest, soy, minerals like phosphorous and calcium, fat, adequate quantity of vitamins and ground corn.

Each of these components can contribute to the active lifestyle of your dog. However, if you are not sure of what amount of protein your dog may require or how you will be able to manage these requirements, you ought to consult your vet.

But protein rich food alone is not enough for complete health of your dog. You ought to feed it with appropriate amounts of dry dog food also, which will help the healthy development of its jaws and teeth, and keep the teeth safe from plaque and tartar.

In short, you need to take special care to see that your best companions receive the right nutrition levels for its effective functioning and well-being.

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