Dog Food Delivery

A dog food delivery service can be a very convenient way to keep your dog well fed, but there can be problems with this type of service. Here are five things you should be aware of regarding dog food delivery services.

1. Buy in Bulk

First of all, you should try to buy in bulk whenever possible to minimize delivery charges and frequency. Smaller more frequent deliveries tend to cost more then less frequent larger orders.

2. Shipping Location

Second of all, in order to minimize shipping charges further, try and buy from the location that is closest to your house. Although this might not always result in lower shipping charges sometimes it can make a huge difference.

3. Plan Ahead

Third, make sure you plan ahead, as some food dog food delivery services take several weeks to deliver their products. You can always run to the pet store to tide you over until your delivery arrives, but with careful planning ahead you should not have to do this.

4. Bag Handling

Fourth, buy from a reputable company that handles the bags properly. Make sure the bags are not torn or ripped when they are delivered to you. It's best that they are delivered in a climate controlled truck.

5. Manufacturing Date

Fifth, check the manufacturing date on the dog food bag. Most products are only good for the first six months after manufacturing. Don't let them pass old dog food off to you!

If you follow these five tips, then dog food delivery to your home can be a good idea.

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