Ol Roy Dog Food

Should I Be Feeding Ol Roy Dog Food?

I recently heard that dog biscuits from Ol Roy dog food brand are available at one dollar per two pounds.

I actually find it so hard to believe that an in-store canned dog food variety could be as cheap as this.

This brand of biscuits is found to be of superior value when compared to that offered by most other brands producing commercial dog food.

The dog food products from this brand are often known as Wal-Mart brand dog food because they are cheap and most of these products are readily available in these stores.

Ol Roy dog food products are considered to be of outstanding value. They are a real boon to dog owners who cannot offer to feed their dogs with a higher grade of commercial dog food.

Great Value & Variety

There are several varieties offered by the brand. They are available in bags of varying quantities.

Some of the products that this brand has brought to the market are the standard multi flavored biscuits, a bone that is moist with meat suited for larger breeds and peanut butter bone which resembles a Nutter Butter cookie.

Each of these bone varieties is available at a very nominal rate of about four dollars per five pound bag.

Ol Roy dog food varieties are mainly purchased by people who have more than one dog to take care of, or dog lovers who wish to donate towards a dog shelter or a rescue group.

Apart from the bone varieties, the brand also offers a range of special treats, such as, jerky style treats, tiny t-bone treats, twisted flavor treats, bones for puppies, and vegetable flavors.

So, you can afford to provide your dog tasty treats at less. The only precaution you might have to take is not to feed too much at a time.

Wal-Mart Guarantees Ol' Roy

Another benefit is that Wal-Mart store provides a guarantee for satisfaction on the Ol Roy dog food varieties.

Though the products from dog food manufacturing brands available at your local store cost much higher than this, it is never assured that they are made from ingredients of much superior quality than Ol Roy dog foods.

Most of these high-priced food items include fillers, preservatives and flavoring agents of inferior quality, and you end up paying for the brand value alone.

So, it is not a big deal if you are one of those dog owners who cannot afford to purchase specially flavored dog food at a pet store or retailer. You can walk into Wal-Marts to obtain a yummy treat for your dog.

Ol Roy Dog Food - Gourmet Dinner Canned Ol Roy Dog Food - High Performance Dry

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