Merrick Dog Food

Merrick Offers A Wide Variety of Holisitc Dog Foods

Merrick dog food is a holistic manufacturer. What does this mean? It means that you are getting the healthiest, most nutritionally balances dog food on the market.

There are no fillers, by-products or other ingredients that are just not necessary and do nothing to perpetuate the health of your dog.

Merrick offers dry and canned food, which you can mix for greater palatability and happiness for your pet.

Human Grade Ingredients

All of Merrick's pet foods are made with human grade ingredients including the most desirable sources of proteins, vegetables and fruits.

Merrick offer dry dog food varieties such as:

¥ Merrick Cowboy Cookout is beef based and is made to meet the nutritional needs of all age groups.

¥ Grammy's Pot is chicken based and also meets all nutritional guidelines for your pet.

¥ Merrick's Puppy Plate (in several varieties) but boasts chicken, turkey and duck! What pup could resist this nutritional feast?

¥ Merrick also offers a Senior Line of dog foods with those extra nutritional values that our old friends need and without the ingredients that lead them to become too fat and happy.

Canned and Dried Dog Foods

Merrick offers a veritable feast for all of our pets and their canned line of foods are meant to compliment their dried foods.

Dry or canned, your dog will find pleasure in each bite and you can rest assured that your pet is receiving the best in nutritional values and the highest grade ingredients available on the market today.

Remember, there are no fillers, no by-products and no preservatives.

Your pet deserves to eat as well as you and I and with Merrick they can do just that; they, perhaps, may be eating better than us since these foods are holistic, all natural and specially formulated to keep your pet healthy, happy and rambunctious.

Merrick Dog Food - Campfire Trout Merrick Dog Food - Mixed Grill

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