Black Gold Dog Food

Reviews of 4 Black Gold Dog Food Offerings

Black Gold Dog Food, made in the United States, is 100% nutritionally balanced for the overall health of your pet.

Black Gold is veterinarian approved and is sold directly to veterinarians for sale to the public.

Black Gold Dog Food is available in a variety of types, which the company labels as their "Signature Series."

Ultimate Adult

This formula is corn, soy and wheat free and the source of protein is chicken meal along with other fine ingredients such as rice, barley, whole eggs and naturally preserved chicken fat.

There are also no preservatives, chemicals, artificial flavorings or colors.

Ultimate Adult is 96% digestible and rates among the highest palatable dog foods on the market.

Ultimate Performance

The Ultimate Performance blend will aid your dog in realizing and maintaining optimal performance through a balances diet with chicken as the main source of protein.

Ultimate Performance is 94% digestible and contains calcium, phosphorous, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Along with high sources of carbohydrates and is an exceptional fiber source for your dog aiding in maintaining a healthy digestive tract.

Ultimate Pup Food

Ultimate Pup Food offers the extra nutritional values required by your growing pet. Ultimate Pup is 94% digestible and has all the proteins, vitamins and minerals an active puppy needs.

Ultimate Pup contains highly controlled levels of fat, calories and calcium for developing teeth and growing bones.

Black Gold also carries Large Puppy Formula for those breeds that will become exceptional in size; this formula is also recommended for lactating mothers up to two weeks before birthing.

Plantation Blend

Black Gold's Plantation Blend is suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs and is wonderful to use in hot climates as it contains just the right amount of ingredients to keep your dogs muscle mass and weight at proper levels.

Along with all of the "Signature Series" above you will also find Super Blend, Performance Blend, High-Energy Blend, Trainers Blend, Professional Blend, Lamb Rice Blend, and Kennel Blend.

Each of these series is specially blended to care for the different needs of different dogs and puppies. They are all nutritionally balanced with, at least, a 94% digestible level and will keep your dog or pup happy, healthy and full of energy!

Black Gold Dog Food - Large Breed Puppy Black Gold Dog Food - Ultimate Adult

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