Pro Plan Dog Food

How Many Varieties of Dog Food Does Pro Plan Offer?

Choose Pro Plan dog foods today to help your dog to improve its natural defense mechanisms and enjoy a trouble-free, long life. This dog food is enriched with special ingredients like omega 6 fatty acids and natural antioxidants.

Omega fatty acids help your dog to obtain a healthy skin and a glossy coat, and antioxidants help to cultivate a better immune system.

This 100% balanced nutritional formula is excellent to aid digestion and thus spreads the goodness of nutrients to every part of your dog's body.

Every product from Pro Plan dog foods is excellent in providing nutrition essential for your dog to maintain a lean, healthy body that is strong and ideal.

Choose Diet To Match Your Dog's Age Group

There are special dog foods available from the brand, suited to each age group and breed. The researchers, nutrition specialists and veterinarians here work together to develop the ideal protein to fat ratio for each of these products.

The ideal concentration of proteins is very essential for your dog to develop a good immune system and ideal body weight.

Pro plan dog foods actually act as building blocks to good health of your dogs. These are available in several varieties and all of them are truly healthy options.

Three Varieties of Dry Dog Food

For your adult dog, there are dry and wet dog foods available. Pro Plan Selects, Pro Plan Shredded Blend and Pro Plan Specialized Nutrition, are the three varieties available among dry foods.

Pro Plan Selects offers a complete, ideal mix of nutritional ingredients, tastefully prepared. Pro Plan Shredded Blend is available in the following flavors: Beef & Rice, Chicken & Rice, and Natural Lamb & Rice.

Pro Plan Specialized Nutrition takes care of special needs for over-sized, under-nourished and small breeds.

Each of these dog foods is prepared in such a way as to meet the special metabolic requirements of the particular breed that it addresses. There is a special formula addressing hyper active breeds also.

Pro Plan Wet Dog Food

The wet dog food varieties from Pro Plan also include several delicacies, like, Chicken & Potato and Beef & Potato. They are available in three varieties: Pro Plan Selects Adult Wet Food that can be used for dogs allergic to corn, wheat, animal by-products, or artificial ingredients.

Some of the main ingredients are carrots, tomatoes, grains and potatoes. Pro Plan Adult Wet Food includes real chicken, beef or turkey as main ingredients and provides additional nutrition.

Yet another wet dog food variety takes care of special needs of dogs with sensitive skin or stomach. They also help in maintaining the right weights.

With Pro Plan dog foods, you are ensured proper nutrition and good health of your adult dogs.

Pro Plan Dog Food - Large Breed Adult Formula Pro Plan Dog Food - Shredded Blend Chicken and Rice

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