Holistic Dog Foods

What are Holistic Dog Foods?

Ideally holistic dog food is food that is found in its original state, as it is found in nature. Holistic dog food should not be processed and it should not have any additives, artificial enrichments or fortification.

What are the Benefits of Holistic Dog Food?

Ideally, holistic dog food is more nutritious because it is in a natural state, and unaltered by man. Many people believe that highly processed foods can actually cause disease in some dogs.

Is there a difference between regular dog food and holistic dog food?

True Holistic Dog Foods

While many dog food manufacturers make claims that they sell holistic dog food, ideally they would have to sell raw meat, raw vegetables, fruits and grains.

The only ones that could come close to this are those who sell a BARF dog food diet.

Anyone that sells their pet food in a bag and that is processed into nuggets is technically not organic.

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