Recommended Puppy Food

A recommended puppy food should be one that meets your dog's nutritional needs, and provides a carefully balanced diet.

It seems like almost everyone has an idea or an opinion on what is the best puppy food to be fed. Luckily it's hard to go wrong with the large number of quality products on the market today. Unless you buy the cheapest product you can find, odds are 90% of the puppy foods on the market today would be satisfactory for your puppy.

5 Things to Consider

1. Is It Easily Available?

Some people may recommend exotic puppy foods that you can only get at specialty stores. Unless you're always planning ahead you should just try and find a high-quality grocery store variety that you know is available from multiple stores in your area. That way you can always have easy access to it.

2. Personal Preferences

Many people recommend the type of puppy food that they fed to their puppies, but remember, while it may be great, they probably haven't tried very many other products to truly know which one is best.

3. Price

Avoid the extremes in dog food prices here. Only buying the cheapest dog food, might cost you more in the long run with expensive veterinary bills. But buying the most expensive puppy food doesn't necessarily mean that it will be the best food for your puppy.

4. Ask Your Veterinarian

While many breeders seem frown upon the veterinarian suggestions for dog foods you should still ask your veterinarian. After all they are the ones who see the end product of what you are feeding and itÕs true effect on your dogÕs health.

5. It's up to Your Puppy

People can recommend puppy food all day long but if your puppy doesn't eat it then it's useless. It's best to find one that is healthy but also tastes good as well.

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