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Top 10 Dog Food Articles of 2010

by Dr. Chris

December 25, 2010 Every year it is fun to review my website and see what my most popular articles were. This year the top 10 brings some surprises, but the majority of the list is the same as last year.

1. Dog Food Ratings

This page is fun and my most popular one. Here YOU get to vote on what you think is the most popular dog food.

2. BARF Dog Food

This dog feeding trend has been around a long time, which is why this page is always popular.

3. Abady Dog Food

This small dog food company's articles reached the top 10 this year. If you don't know about Abady Dog Food, check them out.

4. Diabetic Dog Food

This page is very popular with concerned pet owners of diabetic dogs. These dogs require special food, which is detailed in this article.

5. Dog Food Secrets Review

People love reading reviews, which is probably why this page made the top 10 this year.

6. Dog Food Promotions

A popular page who want to find out what the latest specials are in the world of dog food.

7. Recommended Puppy Food

Feeding a puppy is never easy, but this page helps you to find the best food for them.

8. Blue Buffao Dog Food

9. Pro Pac Dog Food

This two pages are probably popular because people want to learn more about these companies after seeing their commericals.

10. Discount Dog Food

A great article on how to save on dog food.

What articles will be my most popular ones in 2011? Come back and find out.

Thanks for being a reader, and have a great new year!

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Jul 12, 2011
Great Articles
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the great information. If you would like to learn more about lyme disease in dogs or diabetes in dogs, please visit my website.

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