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Hills dog food has been around since 1939 and was founded by a veterinarian. This company makes pet health a priority when formulating it's special brand of dog and cat food.

Their company is ran by professionals and veterinarians who know the workings of our pets health. That is why they have developed a pet food that is geared toward giving your pet the most health benefits that it can receive.

Once you try Hills dog food, you will never look toward those generic brands again. This food is designed to provide your dog or cat with the most nutrients and proteins with each meal.

Hill's Science Diet Founded By Veterinarian

The people who make Hills dog food are very active in the community. They are involved in training guide dogs for the blind and establishing animal shelters.

This company is not out there solely to make a profit, they are people who care genuinely about animals and they are known to donate much of their profits to good, animal-based causes.

This company wants pets to live healthy and active lives, that is why their food is designed specifically to provide your animal with exactly that.

Dog Food With Added Vitamins & Minerals

If you are concerned about making sure that your pet is eating right, provide them with Hills dog food to ensure that they are receiving the vitamins, proteins and nutrients that they need.

This company has made a science out of creating healthy dog and cat food. They know exactly what your pet needs in order to live a healthy and active life.

They have been perfecting their recipes for several decades and many pet owners know that the food they buy from Hills will benefit their dog or cat in every way.

This company is staffed with veterinarians and they are active in supporting the veterinarian community. They know what it takes to make sure that your pet remains healthy.

Hill's Offers Free Information For Dog Owners

This sets them apart from many pet food companies out there, they are professionals who know how to keep your pet healthy and strong.

They also provide pet owners with an abundance of information to help them take better care of their pets at home. Hills dog food is the best brand that you can buy for your pet.

They have made developing dog and cat food a science since 1939 and those who try their product will be pleased with the results. Make your petÕs next meal a Hills meal.

Hills Dog Food - Canned Turkey Hills Dog Food - Small Bites

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