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What Is In Dog Food?

by Dr. Chris

If you are asking yourself, what is in dog food, you are not alone. Dog food contains dozens of ingredients, many of which you likely have never heard of. But many dog food companies are trying to take a healthier approach and limiting the number of preservatives and artificial colors in their products.

1. Meat

Usually the main source of protein is some type of meat. It is usually beef or chicken pieces that are not suitable for human consumption. They usually pick off the bones what is left after taking the better cuts of meat to sell to humans. Some allergenic dog foods have unique protein sources like venison, duck, lamb, and even kangaroo meat. Obviously these diets are much more expensive, but they are necessary if your dog does have food allergies.

2. Grain

The second major ingredient in dog food is usually some type of grain, and it is usually corn. Corn is commonly used because it is one of the cheaper grains, and easily available. Some diets use rice instead of corn, but those diets are usually for specialty diets.

3. Preservatives and Food Colors

Normally the rest of the product is binders, preservatives, and food coloring. These are put in to make the dog food stay fresh in the bag, and to make it more appealing to your dog.

So if you are wondering what is in dog food, there you go. If you are worried that your dog’s food is filled with grains and preservatives, you may want to look into the RAW Dog Diet. This diet is where you just feed your dog raw meat. While many people swear by this diet, you have to be very careful with food preparation, as raw meat can easily get contaminated with bacteria and make your dog sick.

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