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What Does Dog Tail Wagging Mean?

A dog's tail is something that seemingly fascinates many people, simply because it's one of the easiest signs we see of how a dog is feeling and what type of mood they are in.

Generally dogs hold their tails in one of four posiontions. And while it may appear clear what the meaning is, it is usually always much more complicated than this.

There are many subtle signs that probably only other pets pick up on. People probably misinterpret many of these dog body behavior signs.

Generally people agree on the meaning of the four main positions that a dog's tail could be in.

Held Straight Out

A tail held straight up in the air is usually interpreted by people as a sign that the dog is feeling very confident and is the dominant one in the pack and in the area.

Tucked Between the Legs

This is usually a clear sign that the dog is feeling very submissive and is scared of the situation. They may also whimper and try and hide behind you.

If the tail is in this position, it tells us that the dog wants to leave the area because they feel threatened.

Arched Over the Back

This is the normal position for the tail if the dog is in a playful mood. Normally you can recognize this as normally the dogs also do a play bow as well.

Old Fashioned Wagging

Almost everyone can agree that a dog with its tail wagging back and forth is very happy and excited about something.

Many people like to think they're experts when it comes to dog behavior, but we probably know very little. Odds are dogs give out extremely subtle body signals that are only perceptible to other dogs.

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