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SportDOG Hound Hunter 2 Mile Trainer

by DrChrisPetCare.com


The SportDOG Hound Hunter 2 Mile Trainer (SD-3200) comes perfectly packaged to support 4 dogs up to 2 miles away. The collar is large however the holes go to some very tiny sizes for narrow-necked dogs. Includes a hunter-orange collar that is very useful. Simple to use and you may like the numerous programming selections and various antennae sizes. Perfect for backyard training and in the field.

Catalog ID: SD-3200


* 2-mile range
* Expandable up to 4 dogs
* Lifetime limited warranty
* Comfortable pistol-grip transmitter
* Waterproof transmitter and receiver
* Transmitter operates on 9-volt battery
* Eight levels of temporary modification available
* Ideal for hounds along with other sporting breeds
* Rechargeable receiver gives forty to sixty hours between charges
* Contains two collar straps, glow grip replacement handle, receiver and transmitter


The SportDOG Hound Hunter 2 Mile Trainer (SD-3200) is in contrast to any remote trainer that comes before it. The water resistant and submersible Pistol Holder sits much more comfortably within your hand and is simpler to use. The HoundHunter is the best trainer for long range - multiple dog conditions. Hunting with hounds, beagles, and big working pointers is what this devices lives for. Two mile range. User expandable as many as four dogs. Comfy pistol-grip Transmitter works on 9-volt battery. Rechargeable receiver offers seventy - one hundred hours between charges.

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