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Raw Cat Food Trend is Growing

by Dr. Chris

December 12, 2010 More and more cat owners are turning to raw pet food in order to prevent cat food allergies. Most cats that have allergies to food suffer from more severe clinical signs then dogs do.

Many of these cats are actually allergic to the grains in commercial pet food and not to the meat component. This is very similar to what is seen in dogs with food allergies as well.

Grains are not a natural part of a cat's diet, but they are found in almost all cat foods because it is a cheap filler.

By feeding a cat a simple raw meat diet, you can often improve their health dramatically.

Many people report that once they started their cat on a raw pet food diet, that their litter box stopped smelling, their cat's teeth and health improved, their coat was shinier, they were leaner and lost weight, and they had much more energy.

One of the leading makers of raw cat food is Rad Cat. it is found in most Whole Foods stores and is worth checking out.

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