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Perimeter Wire-Free Wifi Dog Fence PTPWF-100

by DrChrisPetCare.com


The Perimeter Wire-Free Wifi Dog Fence PTPWF-100 uses the latest micro-chip transceiver set; working on what has become a very common 802.15 wireless transmission protocol used on all new cool electronic items. New technology makes things easier, keeps us better linked and today makes having a dog fence simpler and your pet more secure than in the past. Wire-Free uses the most recent digitally encoded WiFi transmission technology utilized in innovative wireless communications.

Catalog ID: PTPWF-100


* One advanced Wire Free base station
- Will operate as much as 2 collar transceivers - 1 is included
* Two rechargeable/replacement Lithium Ion batteries
* Instruction/Basic Training manual
* One waterproof collar transceiver
* Long Hair Steel Contact Probes
* High Quality nylon collar
* Comfort Contact Probes
* 50 boundary flags


Perimeter Wire-Free Wifi Dog Fence PTPWF-100 provides the preferred way to make connection with your dog. Conductive metal implanted rubber gives substantial protection towards pressure necrosis, an issue which takes place when a dog either has a bad skin effect to metal reaching their skin or the collar remains on for the prolonged time period. Soft conductive rubber contacts enable the contact to stay consistent keeping your pet safe at home with maximum is convenience. Digital Frequency Encoding: removes stray signal disturbance from nearby dog fence systems and also other signal creating devices.

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