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FDA To Test Pet Foods for Salmonella

by Dr. Chris

November 4, 2011 The FDA has announced that it will regularly test pet foods and pet treats for salmonella over the next year. They are concerned about the increased number of pet food recalls due to salmonella contamination.

What concerns them even more is the number of people who are getting sick due to handling of contaminated pet foods. The FDA has started taking samples from stores like PetSmart, Wal-Mart, Target, Sam's Club, PetCo, and Costco.

Although the number of salmonella cases when it comes to pet food is but a tiny fraction of the number of people who get sick handling eggs and other food items that are meant for people, the FDA is still concern.

Because it seems like over the past year, there has been a recall of pet food due to salmonella contamination almost every month.

The biggest case of people getting sick from pet food happened in 2006 when the 70 people got sick from dry dog food contaminate with salmonella in Pennsylvania.

Hopefully this new measure from the FDA will help keep our pets healthier.

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