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Fake Vegan Veterinarian Arrested

by Dr. Chris

June 26, 2011 Eric H. Weisman of Minnesota is facing 29 counts of practicing veterinary medicine without a license, 9 counts of practicing medicine on a person without a license, and several animal cruelty charges according to the Minnesota Star Tribune.

Eric H. Weisman, 59, owns Evolution Diet Pet Food and National Health Consulting Service. He also hosted a public access TV show, "Health Now" where he sold vegan dog food and other supplements.

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The article states that Weisman used to hold a chiropractors license up to 1998, until it was revoked.

The Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine got an injunction against Weisman in 2003, but he kept on practicing veterinary medicine and selling supplements.

He also treated people too. Weisman is accused of treating people with cancer and other serious illness for which he charged for his services.

He has also claimed he is a former human physician, but he has never been trained as one.

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He claims his food helps pets live 30% longer with 30% less feeding.

An article by John Brewer of the Twin Cities Press quotes Weisman as saying "I'm being attacked because I try to help make a better, more just society. I try to help those that do not have help or are not getting good assistance." "I also inform people who contact me that I am not offering a cure, treatment, diagnosis or prevention for any disease," he wrote. "I explain to people that ask me for information that I am not telling them what to do. I tell them that these are things I would do."

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