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Expandable Pet Pen in Autumn Matte with Tray

by DrChrisPetCare.com


The Expandable Pet Pen R94165 possesses a changeable length that permits you to change how big the enclosure is to fit the needs of your home and your pet. This enclosure is an ideal option for a pet that needs an enclosure that could grow together with him. A wire door offers easy access in and out for your pet. It also includes a side door that gives you easy and quick access to water and food bowls.

Catalog ID: R94165


* Autumn Matte finish
* Made from eco-friendly rubber wood
* Inter-locking corners provide extra frame support
* Wire door enables quick pet access
* Lift n' lock side door gives easy accessibility to bowls or training tray
* Expandable floor tray available (sold separately)
* Beautiful hardwood structure
* Easy to set up


This Expandable Pet Pen R94165 is ideal for litters and small pets. It increases as your dog grows therefore it virtually gets rid of the necessity for an alternative pen. Locking front/side door guarantees your dog is secure and safe in his/her own special area. Plastic floor tray eliminates very easily to clean.

The gorgeous wood finish and top quality structure of the expandable pet pen will easily fit into with any decoration. Most of the clients say that they don't feel like they have to hide it like they are doing with the standard wire created cages. Also, the very best feature of the expandable pen model is that it could grow with your pet. So, in case you are buying a puppy breed that will eventually become a big dog the expandable pet pen would be the only cage you'll need.

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