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D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 1.3 Mile Remote Trainer SPT-2420

by DrChrisPetCare.com


The D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 1.3 Mile Remote Trainer has a Jump Stimulation button that enables you to set an extra, self-programmed stimulation level lower or higher than your normal degree of intensity setting. Using a modification at the right the level of intensity timely and quickly is paramount in training your dog with e-collars. Using the Jump Stimulation aspect, you won't be required to fumble around with the stimulation setting during the time that the correction is required, so the probability of using stimulation too late or at the incorrect level of intensity are virtually removed. The Jump Stimulation can also be beneficial in dangerous or emergency circumstances when your dog is excited and not answering at the standard stimulation level.

Catalog ID: SPT-2420


* Built-In Safety Shut-Off on all SPT-2420 series
* 2400 Yard (1.3 Mile) Range
* LCD Screen on Transmitter
* Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery System
* Digital Technology to Maximize Power
* Gentle Touch System Extra Mild Stimulation
* Maxx-Range Internal Collar Antenna System
* Completely Waterproof Transmitters and Collars
* 50 levels of Intensity modified from the Transmitter
* Jump, Positive Vibration, and Rise Stimulations on all models


The D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 1.3 Mile Remote Trainer SPT-2400 has a totally water-proof and normal rechargeable transmitter and collar products, a fairly easy-to-read LCD screen which has a low battery gauge, and a 2400 yard range. Included as well on all SPT-2400 series are the Continuous Stimulations, Jump, Nick, and Rise, and also Vibration.

Before the Rise Stimulation, trainers of dogs needed to speculate at the proper stimulation level for particular dogs. With Rise Stimulation, the dog reacts to a degree that fits his personality.

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