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Dogtra Gold Rechargeable Containment System EF-3000

by DrChrisPetCare.com


The liberty your dogs always desired will now happen with the Dogtra Gold Rechargeable Containment System EF-3000. Let your pet wander free but be secure with this system that is simple to set up inside your yard. This containment system is among the best pet safety systems that come with security and safety in one. This helps you to discipline and train even the hardest dogs. Bid farewell to worries about your dogs running away.

Catalog ID: EF-3000


* Rechargeable receiver
* Comes with owner's own manual and training guide
* With signal working around 40-acres of protection area
* Digital signal removes unneeded disturbance from wayward signals
* Automatically goes to sleep mode once your dog is far from the border
* Can have numerous collars working all simultaneously, and are simple to add
* Wire continuity signal that warns pet owners of any disconnections to the wire
* Comes with a vibration signal that alerts your dog prior to electrical stimulation
* Water-resistant collar ideal for any weather: rain, snow, and daily wet circumstance
* Rechargeable collar enables you to set the correction for every collar individually with 1-5 level so that small dogs could have lower degree of stimulation


The Dogtra Gold Rechargeable Containment System EF-3000 brings together security and safety as it keeps your dogs in your yard. Its changeable correction levels have made pet owners satisfied and happy because you can use it on dogs of all sizes and types. Other than keeping your dogs safe within your areas, this dog containment system also assists in training your dogs. Nearly 100% of users claim that this reduced their worries of their pets wandering off and getting injured.

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