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Best Dog Foods for Gas (Flatulence) & Burping

by Dr. Chris

Before I give you my answer about which dog foods are best for gas, I just want to remind you that it is always important to try and find the case of your dog's gas or flatulence first.

This is because the causes could range from food allergies, to bad chew toys, to simply being a garbage eater. Sometimes something as simple as peanut butter can cause some dogs to be gassy.

Dog Definitions:

Flatus (flatulence): gas expelled through the anus.

Belching: gas passed from the stomach through the mouth.

Borborygmus: rumbling noise from abdomen caused by gas in your dog's intestines.

As you are likely aware, gas is much more common in dogs than cats. Flatulence or gas, is produced by bacterial fermentation in your dog's intestines from undigested food.

Therefore feeding a highly digestible dog food in smaller more frequent meals is normally the answer. Rice based dog diets produce little gas, so switching dogs to diets that have rice as the primary carbohydrate could be a solution. (Lamb and Rice dog foods)

Other Remedies

>>Avoid lactose treats like cheese and ice cream, and milk.

>>Some dogs are fast eaters and they normally swallow a lot of air so again, smaller meals may be the answer.


>>Bismuth subsalicylate

>>Zinc acetate


>>Yucca schidigera preparations

>>Nullo pills, the active ingredient is chlorophyllin-Copper Complex (100mg)



When it comes to the best dog foods for gas, always consult your veterinarian before switching diets or trying to treat your dog yourself.

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