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A Surprising Argument for Puppy Mills

Puppy mill bans and regulations across the country are being passed in order to help improve animal welfare. While this is a great thing, the demand for pets continues, which has led to a spike in the number of illegally imported dogs.

While illegally imported dogs has always been a problem, the problem has increased significantly over the last few years due to the large number of puppy mills being forced to shut down.

Many breeders, in an effort to continue to make money, have just moved their puppy mills to a foreign country. Then they just import them illegally.

These pets present a major problem for the United States. Since these dogs are raised in foreign puppy mills, they have an unknown health history, and most are unvaccinated. Also many people worry about them carrying zoonotic diseases like rabies as well.

Most people are not aware of these concerns, and therefore put very little thought into where their pet has come from.

Because of this attitude, some people are beginning to argue that it would to allow some puppy mills to stay in business, but at the same time, regulate how they operate more intensely.

Unless laws are passed which specifically limits the number of pets a person can own, people will continue to get their pets when they need them, either legally or illegally.

Passing puppy mill bans and regulations is always a popular thing for congressmen to do. However most of them would not dare to tell, or ever try to legislate, how many pets each one of their electorates could own.

But your elected officials should be made aware of this illegal dog problem. If you want to help out, you should contact your elected official and ask what they are doing in order to help better control illegal dog imports.

In order to guarantee pets are safe, healthy, and legal, elected officials must be prepared to legislate all aspects of pet breeding and pet owning.

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