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3 Major Flaws with Canned Dog Foods

Whether or not to feed canned dog foods or dry is a question that many people have trouble answering. Unfortunately many people make the mistake of only feeding canned foods which can be bad for your dog's health.

In order to help people who are still having trouble deciding between canned dog foods or dry, here are some important facts and reasons that you need to consider.

1. Dry dog food normally has at least 1.2% fiber as fed which is normally up to six times as much fiber then is found in canned products. Normally canned dog foods have as little as 0.2% fiber on an as fed basis.

2. Canned pet products obviously have a much larger moisture content than dry food. But this should not be one of your determining factors between the two, unless you're feeding pets that need to be hydrated.

3. Calories is a third major difference between the two different types of products. Because canned dog foods have a lot of moisture content they are much more dense in calories. Whereas canned dog foods normally only have 200 kcal/lb, dry dog foods have about 1600 kcal/lb.

Taking these three major differences in mind, here are several important arguments as to why you should consider only feeding dry dog food.

First of all, dry dog food keeps your dog's teeth healthier and cleaner. The harder kibble helps to scrape your dog's teeth clean every time they eat.

Second of all, the higher fiber content of dry dog food helps your dog's digestive tract be healthier.

And lastly, dry dog foods are usually much less expensive, because you don't have to pay for all that water that you get when you buy canned products.

Because of all these factors, you should really think about feeding a dry dog food. Unless you have a specific reason for only feeding canned dog foods, they should be avoided except for special occasions.

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